Acquia Cohesion renames to Site Studio from version 6.2. Tell me more.

    Acquia Site Studio drush commands

    Acquia Site Studio includes some useful drush commands which are available to use within your terminal application. 

    drush cohesion:import  - Runs an Acquia Site Studio asset import from the API, this is usually run when upgrading Acquia Site Studio.
    drush cohesion:rebuild - Runs an Acquia Site Studio rebuild, this will re-save Acquia Site Studio settings, styles and templates.

    If Acquia Site Studio sync is enabled, you can use the additional commands to manage your packages and configuration via Drush:

    • sitestudio:package:list - List sync packages.

    • sitestudio:package:export - Export Site Studio package files to a specified or  default directory.

    • sitestudio:package:import - Import Site Studio packages from specified or default directory.

    More information on the available commands and how to use them is available here.

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